Monday, March 9, 2009

50-80 feet!

5 feet of Cyprus and 6 feet of joy

Last year with an upcoming wedding and the knowledge that we would have 100 people in our house we set about to beautify our yard. Space is a commodity in short supply, so my sweet hubby built a corner flower bed. We filled it with color, flowers, ferns and a Japanese Maple tree.

In a very short period of time the plants had been trampled and the dirt was 6 inches lower. The tree began to look a little bit like a Charlie Brown X-Mas tree and we began to second guess our little plot. Last month I opened the back door after hearing someone knock. Imagine my surprise when I find the source of the knocking....Dallas has uprooted the tree...and the knocking was her attempting to bring the tree into the house, through the doggie door.

This weekend Tom and I decided that we needed to fill the now empty flower bed. A much needed trip to our local Home Depot to look at the latest in shrubbery. While walking the aisles reading tags I hear "50 feet! oh yea baby". Now if you have ever shopped for stereo equipment, a car, a TV...or anything electronic you know exactly the way in which this was said......

So no matter that this tree will grow so large we will not be able to walk in our back yard, no matter that the hole he had to dig was 3 times the height and 3 times the width of the pot and no matter that it may eventually become a doggie treat...we have a new tree.....50 feet yea baby!

It may never be easy but it will always we worth it.

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