Monday, March 9, 2009

There's a new man in town.

Deacon on the left Dallas on the right.

Just a big ole mess of love!

Our ever growing house took on another heartbeat last month. Over the last several months the kiddo's and I have been acting as foster parents for a local shelter. We would bring home whatever orphan needed some TLC...shower them with all the hugs and kisses they could handle and whisk them back before Tom's plane was set to land. We have had a 2 legged chihuahua (yes I wrote 2 legs), a pair of yorkie puppies and a very very obese chihuahua mix to name a few. For us it was the best of both worlds, love them, nurture them...and return them about the time the new wore off.

About 3 weeks ago while picking Dallas up at daycare (yet another blog about why our dog goes to daycare), I saw a beautiful if not filthy Shepherd pup. He had what I can describe as "eyes only for me". I began to tell Tom about the dog (he has a huge soft spot for Sheperds so I was halfway there) and over the course of the next couple of days I would ask in conversation if we could just foster him for a night. Of course I had decided that it would be a wonderful "spend the night party" for Dallas.

On a sunny and warm Saturday my sweet hubby said in passing "you know, if you would like to have him spend the night, today would be a good day". I have only a vague memory of going out the door but I am pretty sure I did not brush my teeth, my hair...and I had on my jammies...BUT my boy was coming home!

We had a wonderful weekend, the dogs went for many walks. The new pup was just a huge lap dog...and miracle of all miracles he picked me to love...yes he PICKED ME! It was like I had attached velcro to my fannie, every step I made he made, every time I sat down ...he just curled up in my lap. Sunday was quickly approaching and all I could think about was taking this huge hunk of love back to the rescue.

Tom was scheduled to leave Sunday for Brazil and I think the conversation went something like this...
Tom: Sweetie you know that we can not keep this dog.
Me: Yes dear (OMG OMG OMG I just have to have him).
Tom: Shannon getting another dog makes no sense.
Me: Yes dear (sense? seriously we have 6 kids?? SENSE???).
Tom: Have you thought about the additional expense, food, vet etc?
Me: Yes dear (what can one more dog cost?).
Tom: You are taking the dog back to the kennel Monday morning?
Me: Yes dear (He didn't specify what Monday).

Well there are a lot of gory details that I will spare you all. All I can say is I married the bestest man ever. Dallas has a new brother his name is Deacon and he makes my heart smile every time I look at him.

It may never be easy but it will always be worth it.

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  1. i love that 2nd pic of deacon! his head looks funny.[=