Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Monday

"Take time to come home to yourself every day." -- Robin Casarjean

Well we made it through the weekend. Hondo passed through for one by Hondo sighting...long enough to recharge his battery...make the change from Brazilian time to US...wash a few clothes...give hugs and kisses and head out the door to Mexico City.

Ben and Noah went to work with Jeffery and Brians dad...not sure what all they did but there was talk of lawn mower races.

Noel stayed the night with Sami and babysat...and we took Allie and Cassie to the movies (Monsters vs Aliens) your money it is a rental not movie theater worthy.

For those waiting for the big bang...he didn't flip out at all over the bookshelf. In true Hondo fashion he drove to Home Depot....bought some wood filler and began the task of trying to fill in the destruction. I am a true believer that jet lag can save a marriage...he was just too dang tired to be upset. I will be remembering that for the future!!!!!!!!!

I had the privilege Friday of being able to help with the Special Olympics. All of the schools that I serve have special needs I had bunches and bunches of kids to cheer on. Those who know me know that its events like this that keep me grounded. The inner nerd in me comes out as I stand on the side lines and scream and then roll on the ground as my "kid" wins. The wonderful thing about this event is everyone is a winner...the county nurses got to hand out awards to all the winners of the track events...and in true "Babs" form...if a child said blue was their favorite color...then they got a blue ribbon...

The best part for me was that there is actually the job of "Hugger". You get to wear a beautiful yellow ribbon with "Hugger" on it...and all the athletes know that they can come to you for a very special award...a great big my arms were tired, my throat hurt from yelling...and I was sunburned...perfection!

As I was sitting there watching these children compete, it was not lost on me how special they truly are. The mothers, grandmothers, fathers, grandfathers, brothers, sisters and family that raise these children give new meaning to unconditional love, determination, faith, compassion...and can teach us ALL a little about life. Next time I hear a story about some superstar personality, athlete or singer being a role model for our society or for our youth...I will reflect back to the women and men I met Friday....they are real role models...and I am reminded "Every child is gifted. They just unwrap their packages at different times."

It may never be easy but it will always be worth it.

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