Saturday, July 18, 2009

Everybody was kung fu fighting.....

Two tired pups.

Nothing but net.

I got it, I got it...NO... I got it!

Absolutely my favorite picture EVER of have to click on this one and look at it bigger...this is the perfect "Karate Dog" pose...I think he even surprised himself!

Dallas is going in after this it safe?

Deacon getting warmed up.

Dallas "focused" on the ball.

Look mom NO HANDS!

I love his ear folded down...typical Deacon look...he always looks a little stunned.

"Who's your daddy?"

Yes we are crazy dog people....we plan our day around their schedules...we catch ourselves talking to them in "baby" talk...we read dog magazines...they eat food that is ridiculously expensive...I love to pick up treats to bring home so that they feel LOVED when we walk in the door and while our children are not allowed to wear shoes in the house, the dogs are allowed to climb all over our furniture.....go figure!

About two years ago we laid new sod in our yard and tied our fence into the neighbors...we had great plans for parties in the back yard...corn hole tourneys...maybe even a volleyball net ... not long after Dallas began her life with the tribe...Deacon came last winter...and our grass looks worse than ever. We have given up on the attempt to have a green plush lawn, we no longer plant flowers in the back and neither one of us give it a second thought...after all we are now dog people!

The plan was never to have two ginourmous beasts who shed non-stop...but I can not imagine life with out them.

Both dogs have been restless this summer. This is the first long period since we have had either one that they have not "gone to work". Dallas has been either in training or working as a therapy dog since she was 12 weeks old....and Deacon started training not long after I got him. With school out for the summer and my taking time off from the youth I work with part time there has not been much to keep them busy. If you know anything at all about German Sheperd's or as we call them...GSD' know that they MUST have something to do...they must work. So we have started swimming at the lake with them...doing a little retriever work...we hide balls and challenge Dallas to find them...and they now go to day care daily...yes I said day care...but have you seen the damage a bored GSD can do?

Deacon came to us quite over weight. It was difficult for him to jump into the back of the van let alone run for a ball. He was content to sit on the sidelines and watch Dallas, who is much more high strung and always walking around with a ball in her mouth waiting for someone to throw it. Deacon had difficulty walking more than half a mile...I thought at one point I was going to have to invest in a portable oxygen tank to carry along with us. Nightly walks, good food and chasing after Dallas has made him a new man. You no longer can pinch an inch and he has more energy than I thought was possible.

The latest fad in our house is "wall ball". Hondo's version of racquetball with the dogs. Deacon is currently the wall ball champion of the tribe...this boys "got game!" I won't even pretend he catches every ball...Dallas stills rules in that department...but give my boy some time.

I can not decide what I am enjoying more ... watching him sail through the air with the greatest of ease...or the look of confusion on Dallas's face as Deacon flies over her head.

I love these guys beyond belief...they bring a joy and spirit to our house that you can not buy in any store...and who needs grass anyway?

It may never be easy but it will always be worth it.

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