Monday, July 6, 2009

Yes this entry may be a little bizarre!

I feel like I need to make a disclaimer!

I promised Noel that I would put this on the blog...not sure why I agreed to it...but here goes.

Around the 3rd week of May when things were the craziest Noel started complaining about how thick her hair was. Having exactly the same hair I felt her pain...a horse's tail has NOTHING on us.

We had tried unsuccessfully to get it thinned at the beauty shop, they just never take off enough. So I went to the supply store and bought thinning shears....this was the result. Enough hair to make a sweater, a small animal, knit a blanket...heck maybe enough to make wigs for some third world country. To be honest I was even shocked at the amount of hair we thinned out.

When we were finished we blew her hair dry, straightened it...and there was no evidence that we had even touched it. You thin haired people will just not understand our distress...but Noel I certainly sucks to have enough hair for 3 people on your head...and I am sorry...not sure who in the family to blame but when we meet them you have my permission to whack them with your pony tail.

It may never be easy but it will always be worth it.

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  1. poor noel, its gonna take her 3 hours to straighten her I remember all the times I came over early just so I could straighten your hair, and it took forever! You are not kidding when you say that you have enough hair for three By the way I need to borrow some, mine is getting