Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hey Mom look at me!


I just want to scream that from the roof tops when I have made it through a tough week!

Hondo is finally home from his two week trip. We typically only have one or two of these a year. Most trips are a week at most, and happen about every other week.  HOWEVER every couple of months we get the travel trip on steroids…2 weeks straight…Mom on her own with the tribe…and it never fails that “SOMETHING” crazy happens…we have had broken bones, a case of pink eye that lasted 10 days, the dogs ate half the house… get the idea!

This trip was no different…chaos and madness.  The day he left I did not feel so great, with in 24 hours I had a wonderful case of Influenza A…with in days 3 of the 6 kids had tested positive…and for two weeks I passed out Tylenol, Motrin, Dimetap, Benedryl and Tamiflu. Lots of Kleenex, lots of Chicken Noodle Soup and lots of tears (mine not theirs). Kids still had to get to Cheerleading practice, laundry, grocery shopping, dogs and cat to take care of, kids driven back and forth to school, birthday parties and I actually had to work. Today is the 20th of September and Noel has not been in school since the 12th. Of all of us she got hit the hardest.

All whining aside, and believe me I did PLENTY, we have successfully made it through the storm.  The worst part of getting sick might have been having to cancel my beer and movie spend the night I had planned with my BFF Pammy….we don’t get to spend any quality time together and I was soooooo looking forward to chilling and gossiping.

BUT here we are, a little stronger for having made it…a little more immune and not afraid on the Flu this year….and a lot more thankful every time Hondo’s plane lands.

As a side note… while talking to Hondo on the phone, the day before he came home, he was asking if it was safe to come home.  “Safe” I ask…”yes safe” he says. “What alternative is there? Of course it is safe…plus I kinda could use the help” I say. “Well I was wondering if maybe I should get a hotel room until this passes through the house” he says. Due to the fact that I do not write curse words on my blog I can not write what I  said next…”Of course I will be coming home sweetie” he says…..right answer.


It may never be easy but it will always be worth it.


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