Monday, October 5, 2009

Rain rain go away…

The rib cook off was a week after the “Great Flood” of Georgia. The weather was not agreeing…and raining cats and dogs did not even begin to describe just how wet it was outside.

I called Maam to ask her if we would still have it if it rained…apparently ribs are kinda like the postal system…through rain , snow yada yada …So rain coats, boots, parkas all came out of the closet and off to Rome we go.

Luckily I made Hondo stop on the way and let me get a hat…not one the kids were happy with…but cut me some slack, it was September.

The kids instantly took off in the rain and we looked for the nearest tent to camp out under.  Not that it did us a dang bit of good…wet is wet. That did not however deter the die hard Georgia fans…who had their TV’s set up…extension cords running across the puddles of water (made me scratch my head and question the decision making of our friends)…cheering on their team. I always knew where to look for Noah…who loves his Bulldogs and loves even more to stay as dry as possible.

IMG_1672 Noah watching the game.

IMG_1674 Yummy!

DSC00804 and yummier

DSC00806Noah and Allie Y. staying dry

DSC00807 Yikes that was a hot one!

DSC00812 Watching the game!

DSC00877 Sir “Buck” passing out the awards.

It may never be easy but it will always be worth it.


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