Saturday, January 9, 2010

Goblins and Ghosts

Yes I know, my dates are mish-mashed…October is running into November…cut me some slack I am trying to play catch up !
When your kids start to grow up you realize that it is the little things that you miss. Setting out cookies and milk on Christmas, the first day of school…and dressing up for Halloween!
Noel and I decided that since we had no little ones, we would dress up Dallas and Deacon.  We settled on a ballerina and football player costume. 
Like all good things that go bad in our house…it started off fine.  We got them dressed, we were posing them for pictures…and my graceful Noel was standing on the couch and decided to step back out of the picture…crash … boom … bang.
Noel lost her balance and fell on the back of the couch…the sound as it broke was deafening..she was fine, but my couch did not fair so well. My couch which is only 2 years old now looks as if it has been around the tribe for 10 years.  The back swayed like an old mare.
Hondo was priceless when it happened…Noel and I just looked at each other with wide eyes and then looked up at him. He has the most perplexed look on his face…as if he was about to ask himself or one of us if that really just happened…only to realize this is after all the tribal house…OF COURSE it just happened.
It may never be easy but it will always be worth it.
DSC01266 I prolly should have realized at this moment that standing on the couch was a bad idea!

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