Monday, January 25, 2010

I have been swindled!!!

Here is a portion of the email that I sent Hondo on Friday: Subject Really Crappy Day

I am now driving the expedition...why you ask?

This morning on the way to school Ben made the comment that he was unsure how the dogs would be today...he had given them extra milk bones and he knew how much gas it gave them... he forgot they were going to work with me....

I get to the house and the smell of dog farts is actually in the garage. I immediately took Dallas out, THANK THE LORD I CAME HOME AT 9 AND NOT 4 as we usually do...because this dog was peeing out her butt. Got dogs all dressed, loaded up and to the school.

Was in the school no less than 5 minutes and realized that I locked my keys in the car...something I have not done in 10 years (if not more). Knowing I do not have another key, I have them call the deputies, who look at the car and tell me that I have side air bags so they can not slim jim the we call a lock smith who says he will be there at 11 (perfect, because that is when I get done with the dogs...the farting dogs)

At 11:00 I packed up the dogs and went to wait. There is a field behind the school, the dogs were getting a little antsy, they had after all, been working for over an hour straight...and they still have the runs. I took the dogs to the field where Deacon immediately finds a HUGE mud puddle that I had not seen...rolled Dallas in the mud...jumped on her himself and then rolled around...over and over and over...until all you could see was mud and their tongues hanging out of their mouths. Happened so fast I could not even get their names out of my mouth.

Not a huge deal, the locksmith was going to be there at 11....I can let them run, be happy, enjoy a wide open field...I mean they are already dirty....bull honkey...12:20 ....12:20 do you hear me? I stood outside in the cold mist, with muddy wet dogs for an hour and 20 minutes...with no jacket because of course it was in the car.

The locksmith, who I will kindly refer to as _____(I am omitting this on the grounds it may incriminate me)...gets out of the car and tells me that he can not unlock my car without ID and that I must have my drivers license to have him unlock the door. I knew that the look on my face must be bad when the social worker who had come to check on me backed up. I (kindly) told him that if he got in his car and drove away without unlocking my doors ...immigration would find his cold lifeless body in the mud puddle behind me, with my dogs using his ponytail as a tug of war toy....I also reminded him that it was a good 20 feet back to his truck and asked him if he had any idea how fast he could run...because I was pretty sure my dogs could run a 4 minute mile....did he really want to hold firm to this license issue?

Needless to say he unlocked the van, I showed him my licence and my credit card...because it is $55.00 freaking dollars to have your doors unlocked....

My van is disgustingly filthy...wet muddy dogs and grey leather interior don't mix...the smell is beyond anything I can sit in and ride around in for the rest of the day...but that is okay because I will not be cleaning my car....considering how my day is going you can sell the thing for all I care... just tell them there is only one key.

To top it off they changed the amount on my receipt when they went to get the authorization code...making it $155.00...I have called Master Card who tell me I have to wait 3-5 days (OMG seriously?) to dispute it...I have called the owner of the company who told me that if I dispute it he will file felony charges...I politely told him to PLEASE call the police....and make sure you spell my name right, you *$&;($^*&;$^*&;$ (use your imagination on this one). I then hung up on him before I had a stroke...I am on my way to get a gallon of birthday cake ice cream...after all I am at work and can not stop for a margarita with out getting canned....I have to have my job because I just paid $155.00 freaking dollars to have my car unlocked!!!!!!!

Hope your day is going better than mine....

So be wary my friends and family of that ruthless predator...the car unlocker guy.

It may never be easy but it will always be worth it.

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  1. To this--I am only going to say that I love you.