Sunday, April 11, 2010

Texas is a state of mind.

How ironic is it that I married a man from Texas. Like me Hondo was a nomadic child.  He lived in Michigan, went to college in Wisconsin and then finally settled in Texas to finish up and further his education. He oftens tells people that he left his heart in Texas.  I for one know this is not all together true because he brought it to Georgia and gave it to me.

My mother IS a Texan. No matter where my father was stationed, everyone knew my mother as the 'The Texan".  When asked her nationality, she would respond "Well, I am a Texan".  On our flagpole in Tennessee flew the Stars and Stripes...and then the Texas flag. Most vacations and holidays were spent somewhere in Texas.

So it is with a light step and a smile on my face that I board a plane periodically to visit our friends in Dallas.

Hondo and the boys had planned a weekend of golf and golf.  Megs and I had planned a weekend of girl stuff...which meant no dang plans AND a couple of trips to the mall. One of her emails actually included that I "check my liver at the door ".

Hondo has had the same "besties" for 20 plus years...that may be one of the best things about get the "besties" by default. How lucky am I that I really really like Kurt's wife...Megs? Kinda like the icing on the big ole Texas cake (because in Texas everything is big!).

We had a wonderful, relaxing time with Mike, Kurt and Megan...and can not wait until October to head back for a Cowboys game. 

I sucked at taking pictures....but it was because we were having so much fun.

It may never be easy but it will always be worth it.

DSC01750 DSC01751IMG_0022 The boys chilling after a game of golf.

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  1. PLEASE! Honda is no Texan. He's a snowbird who came south and never left. He's a wanta-be Texan!
    Damn snowbirds!