Thursday, October 11, 2012

Trip of my dreams!

My husband and I have had a dream. A dream to see America's Team play in the most amazing stadium ever built.

October 2010 we had the opportunity to do just that....and in style.

We had the privilege of watching the Cowboys play Halloween weekend, in a suite, stocked with a cabana boy on the 50 yard line.  A limousine took us to the game and brought us home. Cheerleaders came into the suite and took pictures with the guys...flames shot out of the ground (not exaggerating) and I cried, yes I cried as the men ran onto the field.

There was even a Patron Bar right out side the suite.  Everything is always always better in Dallas.

My hubby kept looking at me with the most amazed look on his face...he was Willie and this was The Great Chocolate Factory.

The weekend was made that much sweeter because we got to spend it with our travel buddies and their spouses.

How did I get so lucky to marry a Dallas fan? Oh that's right...he picked me!

It may never be easy (but it is so much easier with a cabana boy) but it will always be worth it.


This was the look on his face from kick-off until he went to bed that night.

Yes, they are as pretty in person.

The crew.

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