Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Cassie Age 2

Cassie rocking her new hat in Florida

Cassie March 2009

Every child in a family is unique...after all that is what makes the world go round.

Cassie is that child you remember from your childhood...the one who made you laugh so hard you peed your pants, the one who came up with the cool saying or word that everyone began to use and the member of the family who can lighten the mood just by being....

Just when things seem to be going in the crapper around the house Cassie will pipe up with one of her "what ifs?"...like have you ever noticed that everything you say can be found in a song...she has the ability to take a sentence you just said, come up with some obscure song and sing it back to you...we lovingly refer to her as our family savant. Example : talk about drying clothes turns into "In the dryer the mighty dryer the clothes will dry tonight". She will tell you about the latest show she watched (this week it was Animals Gone Bad) and how Santa got killed by his favorite reindeer trying to feed him ...or tell you about the plight of a child in China whose Crocks (shoes) got stuck on the escalator and he went to the top, no one found him and he starved to death (not sure where this one came from but she swears it happened in a mall).

During our last vacation she found a hat in Target she just HAD to have. Although the other children were horrified with her fashion choice she wore it everywhere we went (maybe BECAUSE they were horrified?). The tribe began to call her "Chemo Cassie" until we overheard them and stopped it immediately.

From the time she was little she had a way with words, now I am not sure that you will find any in the dictionary but over the years we have begun to collect them...we call them Cassie-isms and they are forever a part of the language of our house.

Here are just a few:

Scrap Froat - Strep Throat
Mentally Regurgitated - Physically Allergic
Choir Factor- Chiropractor
Book House - Library
Green Stuff-Mello Yellow
Crunches - Crutches
Measuring stick - ruler
Loaf Bread - White Bread
Fidgetator - Refridgerator
Plane Driver- Pilot
Squetti- Spaghetti
Stinky Cheese - Parmesan Cheese (bought at the Stinky Cheese Store)

Adding the word aholic to everything - example: Grillaholic for those that grilled well, Danceaholic- one who loves to dance (this was cute the first 5 words she did it with, it quickly lost its apeal)

And my all time favorite - referring to everything as an "anus". She learned the word this year in health and used it as her power word daily. Watching my sweet hubby cringe when Cassie told the waitress they had hard chairs in O'Charley's and they hurt her "Anus" was priceless. She still whips this one out when she wants to needle him.

It may never be easy but it will always be worth it.

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  1. don't forget about how she used to say concession stand--consheshion stand...I think thats how she said it...lol