Tuesday, April 14, 2009


My new good luck charm compliments of KDL

This has been a rough week and it is only Tuesday.

Someone asked me recently if everything was always so joyful and happy in our house. They were perplexed that I did not write about bad, sad and yucky stuff. My reply ... "life is good". I had a boss once that told me "Shannon, not everyone wears rose colored glasses". My attitude is that if you always look for the silver lining, the bad stuff just doesn't seem so bad. I have healthy children, a profession that I love, a roof over our head, a husband that puts up with my inability to stay grounded in reality and loves me for it and an extended family and friends list most people can only dream about.

This doesn't mean that life is perfect...marriage is hard work...really hard work...children are impossible and being a mother is exhausting. Dealing with EX's is difficult and the relationships fragile and I spend from 4pm-930pm shuttleing kids to and from after school activites. I look forward to the weeks Hondo is out of town because I can get away with not shaving my legs the whole time (gross I know but you women know what I am talking about)and I can feed the kids PopTarts for dinner. Visine is my best bud these days...and I carry a toothbrush in my purse for the days when I "forget" before I head out the door.

Did you ever watch the TV show Designing Women? There was an employee on the show named Anthony Bouvier played by Mesach Taylor. He had served time in prison and he called it his "Unfortunate Incarceration". I giggle every time I talk about a friend of ours...KDL...we refer to her as our friend we met during an "Unfortunate Experience"....for some reason I think back to this TV show...it was always one of my favorites...I so wanted to be Julia Sugarbaker...she made high heels cool and she could drop you to the ground with just a look.

This week I had the following email exchange with KDL...
Her: I found a four leaf clover I am sending your way.

Me:Girl you better send that 4 leaf clover quick ...I am going to need more than luck to explain how Deacon ate the new bookshelf last night!

Her:OH SH**!!! Is Hondo in town? if not maybe you can have time to establish
your "strategerie" (one of my favorite words)
Dogs eating furniture~he really does live in a zoo!
The postman actually just picked it up so u should get it 2moro.
Loved my morning blog. (Kinda gettn addicted to it)
The conversation in the van on way back from 6 Flags.....priceless! I wouldve paid $ to have seen that in person. I can just see your "innocent face" playing right along.
THIS ONE IS TIED FOR 1ST with the O'CHARLEY'S/ANUS incident....
Sad that Cassie missed Easter~I wouldve loved to have heard her version of rabbit balls!

I really am serious about just sitting in a corner for a couple of days...

Me: No he is not and I just found the remote to his new tv under the bookshelf in pieces too. Think I should blog it instead of telling him about it?

Her:I'm thinking the blog could be a very useful tool here. Smart Thinking!
I'll be waiting for the blog with the 'story' & the results of the 'grand disclosure.'

I have found that starting a story with:"HONEY...NONE OF THE KIDS ARE SICK OR IN JAIL..."
can be a very effective process!
Good luck with this one, my love.xoxoxo

So here I sit...praying that he stays busy so that he doesn't read the blog until he is in the airport on his way home. This has been a very rough week for the tribe.
So far the tally is the following (remember it is ONLY Tuesday)
1 Bookshelf
1 Remote to Tv
1 Cell phone (dropped in the toilet by Moi)
1 Chewed dog training remote (compliments of Deacon)
2 Barstools (Nick hung wet shirts on them to dry and it took off the finish, my punishment for making them do their own laundry?)
1 Cactus and planter (compliments of the storm)
I have an unexplained rash on my neck that I am chaulking up to stress.
We have already overslept 2 mornings
and the rain has turned our yard into a swamp...which means I have paw prints EVERYWHERE.

As I sit here trying not to cry today I recieved my four leaf clover in the mail (yes she really had one and she really mailed it!). Think anyone at work will notice if I show up to work tomorrow.... with the thing taped to my forehead?

It may never be easy but it will always be worth it.


  1. Shannon:...looks like Deacon needs a chew toy..how about Maxwell?.....also...get yourself a small sander and some stain and go to town on the bookshelf..or else paint it and tell Hondo you're going for a new look!!!

    Give everyone hugs and kisses from the cat lovers in the family!!!

    Auntie Donna & Uncle Don

  2. You are one creative person, I'm sure you will come up with some idea to fix the bookshelf and the stools...Howards furniture polish has color in it, and will put color back into the wood to cover scratches...That may help a little, or at least make it where it's not as noticeable :) Best of Luck always! ttyl...


  3. well hey mom! its noel. and i love this(:
    it only will let me set this as Anonymous!!! dang!
    anyways i love you.

  4. I see nothing to worry about....isn't this a normal week..you have set your expectations way to high schnookums...love always