Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mama needs a new ride!

It is time for a new car!

In 2001 when I met Hondo I had a car that the kids called Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. It was a burgundy Ford Aerostar with 180,000 miles on it, no air, a few dents, never had the oil changed, leaked water in the back windows when it rained (I kept rain jackets in the back for riders so no one would complain), because it rained in the back when it got warm it grew mushrooms on the carpet, I had a permanent emesis pan in the console for barfing kids, there was the most unusual smell that same out from under the front passenger seat (maybe from the barfing kids?) and if you were going up a hill every one in the car had to lean forward so you could make it. For 2 1/2 years I don't think he ever rode in Chitty.

I adored this van. There were so many memories and laughter in it...many trips to the beach...teaching Nick how to drive...NO CAR PAYMENT...and all the baseball games and fire works that were watched from the tail gate.

All good things do come to an end... and one day Hondo made me change the oil . He gave me a lecture about car care and women yada yada yada....and well that was the end of Chitty. She just couldn't take the rich crude...and she died. I still have a picture some where of all the kids hugging her before she made her way to her new home.

So began the quest for a new car. This is a true test of a relationship...at least it was for us. Hondo is a methodical, list making planner man....and I am instant gratification girl. What started off as an adventure for me soon became something I can only describe as what it would feel like to have your finger nails pulled off one a time...with hot tweezers.

I knew (exactly) what I wanted...(anything but a Mini Van)...a Trailblazer, white with a sun roof and a DVD player and leather seats...maybe with OnStar...and it would be great if it came in a convertible....unrealistic but great none the less.

SEVERAL weeks later I drove off the lot in a silver Chrysler Mini Van..I got my leather seats and DVD player but there was no sun roof, it wasn't sporty, and it certainly wasn't a convertible. I do remember a conversation that included "babe we have 6 kids and a dog"...yada yada yada.

So it's been 4+ years...and I have to admit this was the right purchase. I love my van..it fits the tribe well and I am going to hate to see it go...but it's time.

I have been watching cars as I drive back and forth to work for the last month or so...getting the kids input (Ben is voting for a Lotus) and I am loving the little convertible doodle bugs...being ever practical I know that will never happen...I would have to strap the kids to the hood, maybe even drag a couple behind the car by a rope...and always drive with the top down so that the dogs can fit...but a girl still has to have a dream.

Last week I saw the new Ford Taurus wagon...it actually is very sporty..plenty of room for the dogs...and it has this doo dad where you can talk on your phone from the dashboard...so cool.

I convinced Hondo to pull into a Ford lot on Saturday...with the promise that if anyone came towards the car we were pulling out faster than you can say "hot flash". Guess he forgot who he was dealing with. The only one was up on the rack at the front of the lot for all to see....so I climbed up the rack and peered in...not getting a great view ...I noticed a very pleasant gentleman walking over so I asked him to pull it down for me to look at. OF COURSE he would...so he went and got the keys...I avoided looking at Hondo...invited all the kids out of the car to look with me...this car was a beaut! The seats are soft...the visor has a cool lighted up mirror...the radio is jamming and the dashboard lights up like a 747...I am sold.

Tom...yes that was the salesman's name (it is fate if you ask me)...asked if we wanted to test drive it....well OF COURSE we did...until I looked over at Hondo...I am all about pushing the envelope...but even I know when to stop lol. Apparently Hondo had to use the little boys room (we had just pigged out on greasy yummy Lazy Donkey) and did not say anything to me ...so he had been sitting by in misery while I looked at myself in the mirror and saw how far the seats laid back....

We got Tom's business card...I just know fate has it in store for me to have this car...so pray for me...and know that when it comes time to "car shop" I will be sending Ben and Noah out with Hondo.

It may never be easy but it will always be worth it.


  1. its about time(:

  2. I could see you in the new T-Bird...

  3. Good Luck with your new ride.