Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pedro Bunny comes to Villa Rica

Guacamole, Steak and shrimp fajitas, cheese dip, Aunt Susan's famous bean dip, pico and enchiladas. YUM

Every day is a holiday with Deacon by my side (awwwwww)

 nephew...Parker taught me how to be an Aunt(I still owe him a pony)...he is by far the funniest dang kid I know(gets that from me) and he is a walking sports dictionary.

The Whole Tribe

The Guys... Hondo, Sir, Nick, Ben, Noah and Parker

The Girls...Noel, Me, Allie, Maam, Erin and Baby Nora

Rabbit Balls

Baby Nora(this girl melts my heart and makes me putty)

Several years ago we started an Easter family tradition. Not big fans of traditional dinner we decided to have Tex-Mex for Easter dinner. Considering every family in our tribe eats some form of Mexican 2-3 times a is only fitting. It soon became known as Pedro Bunny and now he visits every year.

My sis came down with her gang on Friday (and her new puppy Roxie the Foxie Doxie) and my parents followed on Saturday morning. My BIL Jamie had duty at the Fire is not the same with out him around. Not everyone is so lucky to have a handsome fireman in the family...and while we know he is our HERO we miss him dearly. It is always a house full and always a blast. Cassie was with her Dad this year and her smiling face was missed by all. This year we had the ping pong table to entertain the mass, along with the poker table and the board games...if you have not played Catch Phrase I suggest you play, it is a great game for all ages...although watching Allie try to figure out how to define "sex change" was hilarious (I still say you guys cheated).

My Mom made Cake Pops...white cake on a stick dipped in chocolate...they were heavenly...and in typical tribe fashion they became known as Rabbit Balls and not Cake Pops.

It is very weird to have no Easter baskets, this group thinks they are to old...that did not stop every one from eating a load of candy.

It may never be easy but it will always be worth it.


  1. Happy Easter, looks like it was great! ttyl...


  2. yummy.... rabbit balls(:
    lol. they were good.