Thursday, April 9, 2009

Glutton: one who digs his grave with his teeth.

Tom (blinded by the light)

The tribe, minus Cassie and Nick after a fun filled day at Six Flags

The Army Adventure Tent

Ben and Noah with Wonder Woman (Yes she is real and I Wonder what Noah is thinking?)

Over the last couple of years we have had a Spring Break tradition....SIX FLAGS.

This year the weather almost kept us away but Wednesday turned out to be a beautiful spring day. Knowing that we were going to try to head out I made sure that I did not eat anything but a Slim Fast on Tuesday.

I am not sure what happens to me when I hit an amusement park....maybe its the smells...maybe its all the excitement...but the adrenaline does something to my body, and I NEVER get enough to eat. At one point Noah actually said "Mom eat another thing and I think I may barf for you". A quick run down on what I ate...cheezits on the way to the park, peanut butter crackers while I waited for everyone to get settled, lemonade while the girls went to the bumper cars, soft pretzel with cheese while we waited to get on Goliath, a turkey leg with fries and a diet coke after Goliath, a little of Tom's ice cream on the way to Superman (almost tossed cookies on this one), kettle corn on the way to Batman, a frozen lemonade on the way to the Georgia Scorcher, A chili cheese polish sausage before Acrophobia (with part of Noah's Funnell Cake for dessert), DipNDots while we waited for the kids to ride the bumper cars again and a diet coke to walk to the car. (I am completely ashamed as I write this and am not even going to consider counting these calories).

We had a blast as usual...Allie rode Goliath for the first time...all the tribe was well behaved and lots and lots of laughter filled our day. OH and I found 4 lucky pennies!

I do believe the funniest moment of the day happened in the car on the way home. I was trying to capture a few last minute pictures and in the excitement took a picture of Hondo while he was driving...the following conversation is still making me giggle....
Hondo-what the heck???
Me- Oh my gosh I am so sorry
Hondo-did you really just flash a bright light in my eyes while I am driving 70 miles per hour?
Me- Ummmm yes
Hondo- Have you lost your mind?
Me- Ummmm yes
Hondo-I think I am blind
Hondo-Do you ever wonder where the children get it?
Me- yes dear
Hondo-I live in a zoo
Me-(duh) giggle

I love family time, I love roller coasters and I LOVE me some funnel cakes!

It may never be easy but it will always be worth it.


  1. poor Hondo.........
    I absolutely CANNOT read this without visualizing the scene then bursting into laughter!!!
    poor Hondo.........

  2. i rode it too for the first time!!!!!!!!!

    i bet you can guess who this is(: