Monday, July 13, 2009

Keep your broken arm inside your sleeve. Chinese Proverb

Noah: Hey Mom can you bring the car and pick us up at Jeffery and Brians?
Me : Noah it's raining.
Noah : Yhea I know.
Me: Didn't you ride your bike?
Noah: Yes maam.
Me: Really Noah is this necessary?
Noah: Well Mom we think Ben may have broken something, probably not a great idea to be riding his bike at this moment.
Me:..... Sigh.... I am on my way.

Dr. Klienman; Do you want the good news or the bad news?
Me: I would like the bad news...figure we can get it out of the way.
Dr. Klienman :Both Bens arms are broken.
Me: Good Lord what is the good news?
Dr. Klienman: They are not broken that bad.

There are wanna be comics everywhere!

Everyone has been calling today to see how it happened....
Ben, Noah, Jeffery and Brian were playing in the fort in the woods, they came across a baby mole (no idea how they knew it was a mole) and decided to keep it. They took the mole back to Jeff and Brians house and were told "Oh you will be putting that thing back immediately!". While trying to climb a fence on the return trip home Ben slipped off the top of the fence and put both hands down to break his fall....and voila two broken arms. Makes perfectly good sense when you hear the story huh???

So here I sit with a child who can not even hold a glass to lift it to his lips...trying to tally up the broken limbs we have had in the last year...and trying not to cry. I think this count is right....
Parker - 1 broken arm (but he gets extra points for all the "additional crap").
Allie - 1 broken arm
Hondo - one broken leg while on our Christmas vacation
Noah - 1 broken arm and 1 broken hand (not done at same time).
Sir Buck - 1 broken wrist and elbow
Noel - 2 knee displacements, one of which resulted in a broken femur
Ben - 1 broken arm in January along with the 2 broken arms this week (yes he wins).

We are in braces right now and will be re-checked soon. If they are not healing as he would like and if the swelling ever goes down he will be placed in two long arm casts. He does not seem to be in too much pain right now, and because no Mom likes to see thier kids hurt I am sure I will be giving Motrin around the clock for days to come.

This is certainly not how my guy had planned on spending the last few weeks of summer break...he has not asked to go the potty yet (Noah will be assisting by default because Hondo is traveling)...and I am fairly certain I will be running out of ways to keep him entertained by Thursday.

It may never be easy (now you tell me) but it will always be worth it.

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