Monday, July 13, 2009

Honey I am a golfer now!

Hondo has heard these words till I am sure that he is ready to strangle me.

Around March I decided that I was missing to much quality time with my family. Not being the most athletic sort, while they all loaded up to go to the golf course I would grab a towel and hit the pool. Not that I mind laying by the pool, but I began to wonder what I had been missing. There had to be something to this game if everyone, kids included, wanted to play?

After convincing Hondo that he would now be my golf coach I did what any red blooded woman would do....I BOUGHT shoes, and a cute pair of plaid pants and a couple of shirts. I figured if I looked the part I might actually hit the I am always looking for good excuses to shop.

Borrowing clubs from Ben and Noah I became a regular on the driving range (this means Hondo and I went and I tested his patience). I decided that an 8 iron is "my club" and that putting is for sissies, sheesh all you have to do is hit the ball in the hole. I was gifted with a new set of clubs and a bag for Mother's Day and immediately began to bug the snot out of Hondo to take me to play...

I have learned a couple of things on this journey:
<>Golf elbow hurts worse than tennis elbow (well I am just guessing because I have never played tennis)
<>There is nothing easy about golf.
<>You can tell a lot about your husband when he teaches you about his passion.
<>There are more rules that you have to follow on the course, than when you meet the Queen of England.
<>You know you are officially addicted when you go to the driving range and convince 75 year old men to watch and see what you are doing wrong.
<>I really DO have muscles that have never been used.
<>Thumbs to Jesus,keep your head down, don't lift your arm, arms straight, grip gentle YADA YADA YADA.
<>I drive a golfcart as bad as my car.
<>Hitting your lucky ball on a shot that goes over water in not such a great idea.
<>There sure is a lot of cussing for this to be a "gentleman's sport.
<>I will never turn pro.
<>You are not allowed to wear two gloves at one time no matter if you want to be "balanced" or not.
<>My husband has the patience of a saint.
<>My husband has no patience at all.
<>Yes the ball hurts when it hits you. While looking at my next putt I was struck in the hand by a flying ball....something Hondo says has not happened to him in 40 years of playing and would of course happen to me the first day. If this ever happens to you DO NOT rub it, it makes it burn like fire.
<>I am extremely competitive (so maybe I knew this one and saying I just learned it is stretching a bit)....and putting is the hardest blasted thing I have ever tried.

And the #1 thing I learned? I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

Last week I played my first 18 holes on an executive course in Atlanta. Hondo and his pal "Mr. Jones" were there for support, encouragement and to teach me the things that you can only learn as you play a real game. There were times when I felt like I had my own little cheering section. To round out our group the course added a single player "Michael", poor guy had no idea as he teed the first hole exactly what he was getting into.

I am pleased to report that I bogey'ed the first hole...sucked it up for the next 6 or 8 and had a remarkable back 9 (well remarkable considering that it was my first time ever). I think I bogey'ed 4 holes...drove the ball straight and hard...and actually outplayed "Michael". Of course contrary to what I believed going into it...I suck at putting and need way way more time practicing.

I am not sure what was more satisfying...playing such a great first round...or watching the look of amazement on Hondo's face. He is one heck of a teacher!

I can not wait to play again...did I tell you I was a golfer now?

It may never be easy but it will always be worth it (especially when you get to play golf).

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