Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Spoon me honey!

Sometime before Christmas Hondo was packing to go out of town. I stopped him as he walked by the couch and asked him to stop and spoon me. You know lay close like two spoons in a drawer. I was quickly told that "real men do NOT spoon". My husband cuddles with the best of them...but somehow referring to it as spooning sparked some primitive reaction.

So out the door to Brazil...traveling with his boss...many things on his mind...and as a parting shot I holler out the door..."You better bring some spooning home with ya baby!".

A week later as I was sitting on the bed watching him unpack I noticed a little green bag. Presents, I love presents. While the idea of spooning wasn't manly, he brought me the 2ND best thing. A spoon from Brazil. A little old lady, collector spoon. I LOVED IT! What I loved more was the story about how he avoided explaining to his boss why he was buying a spoon. Something I made sure to clarify at the Christmas company party....that will learn ya, huh Hondo? His boss proceeded to tell him that spooning was in fact a very manly thing to do. The term originated during the Civil War when the troops would lay in a field to sleep. The weather was bad and the clothing they wore so thin, that they would spoon to conserve body heat.

I am now officially a collector of spoons, I have them from Costa Rica, Chili, Argentina, Brazil, Columbia and Mexico.

Of course I had to add to my collection on this trip. I decided I would purchase spoons on the ride home. First stop West Virgina...that was an easy one I bought one at the Pipestem resort. Second spoon, Virgina, not so easy to find...Hondo had to stop 3 times for this one at various truck stops. Some where between Virginia and North Carolina I must have fallen asleep, because the next thing I remember we were close to South Carolina. In a panic I insisted that we pull over so that I could get my spoon...lord this man humors me...maybe not always with a smile but he pulled off on the next exit. North Carolina spoon... check.

Back on the interstate...MAYBE 5 miles down the road... we cross the border into South Carolina... when I tell the story now it doesn't have the same thought process as it did in the car....BUT...I already had my shoes on and was awake...my purse was in my lap...no small feat considering what I had to dig through on the floor board to get it....and I really needed that spoon. Yup, I asked him to pull over at the next exit so that I could get it! I mean really it only made sense.

God bless this mans soul. He never said a word, I did however see the little vein on his temple throb a few times and even the kids had the smarts not to ask to use the potty since we were stopped.

I tell people all the time how lucky I was to find a man who loves me just because I am me...all my quirks, faults and weirdness. Who doesn't try to change me, knowing that the ride would some how not be as sweet. This is just another example.

It may never be easy but it will always be worth it.

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