Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Evolution Of The Wedding Dance Caplinger Style!

Anyone that knows me, especially if you have worked with me, knows that once I decide I am going to accomplish something I do NOT let up. Whether its the time I wanted to send 1500 baseballs to a Naval ship so that each sailor would have a baseball personally signed by someone thanking them for protecting our country (my friends husband was on the ship and she told me they played ball daily on deck)....deciding that I wanted to raise $5000.00 dollars for March of Dimes...or getting together 20 very old and broken co-workers to form a softball team...once I get an idea I run with it. Most of my friends and family have quit teasing me, although I am still referred to on a daily basis as a nerd.

Before Christmas Dennis and Nancy called to give us all the details and dates for their wedding. Dennis passed along that he had talked to his boys and they would be performing a family skit at the reception...

My immediate thought was "Oh heck they just threw down the gauntlet". Remember that everything, I mean everything, is a competition with this family. My brain went into overdrive figuring out what I could come up with that all 8 of us could do...and not completely look like fools (we came pretty freaking close).

Erin had sent me a link to a video a few weeks before we talked to Nancy and my mind started to plot and plan. Of course what ever I came up with would have to be a secret...and with the tribe there are few secrets. Hondo and I both grew up in households that constantly had music going and we have talked at length about our childhood memories of our parents dancing. This love of music and dance has certainly been passed along to the following generations.

A couple of months before the wedding I started mixing music. I would wait until the kids went to bed and sit with head phones on so that they could not hear what I was working on. Secret agent stuff! I had told Hondo what I was thinking and all he could do was shake his head.

A month before the wedding I presented the tribe with my plan. Thank the Lord I have children who LOVE to be on stage and be in the lime light. They were IN (everyone but Nick but I knew that I could work on him)! Several hours of "practice".... some even in the garage at Nancy and Dennis's the night before the wedding...and I thought we had the makings of a "skit" that would challenge the Bolton's.

You can imagine our surprise when we were told at the reception that there was in fact no skit...the boys had told Dennis there would be a skit after a night of going we made the decision that we would give the newlyweds our gift anyway. I mean the show must go on right?

I have been working on the video (thanks John) since we got home, trying to convert it, and I figured it out Wednesday night. Keep in mind that we are not professionals lol, we said we loved music and dance, not that we were any good at it and there was not enough beer in the keg to loosen us up that night!

Everyone at the wedding asked me how I convinced the tribe to do this...especially Hondo and the boys...I do not have a good answer other than...I have the best husband and family who enjoy life as much as I do. They are up for any half baked idea I come up with...and because they do.... life is a little brighter.

Each time I see this I giggle watching Hondo...he was really into riding his pony...we were lucky we got what we did out of Nick...and I cringe at how non-dancing my crew can be...ENJOY!

It may never be easy but it will always be worth it. Babs


  1. Oh, how i enjoyed practicing and performing this. It was pretty interesting to watch as my family shaked their bom bom:) I love you, love Noel

  2. Wish we had been there to see that....ya'll were great!!!!!!!!!!

    Auntie Donna

  3. Love it!!! Can't WAIT to meet your crazy family! Can you imagine our response if our parents had asked us to do something like that??

  4. Can you say "CUTE" its nice when a plan comes together. How adorable! LOVE IT!

  5. At any rate, I liked some of the vadlo evolution Cartoons!

  6. That was AWESOME!! Nick is SO not related to us. No one in this family is afraid to shake their money-maker.

  7. This was priceless and sooo something you would