Sunday, September 20, 2009

Can you rise to the challenge?


Coming from a military family…my grandfather, my uncle, my cousin, my father and my sister just to name a few…something happens when I see someone in uniform. Whether it is in the airport, the grocery store, the mall…you name it… makes me stand a little bit taller, smile a little wider…and if its a flight suit…it has the ability to take my breath away.

I chose a different path than many of my friends and family.  I specifically chose a life as far away from the military as possible.  I wanted to raise my children in a small town…give them roots.  This in NO way takes away from the beautiful memories I have of my fathers years of service to my country. I just knew that this was not for me.

Ben has decided that this is SO for him. He has joined JROTC…he has embraced the military WHOHA attitude and he now leaves the house in the morning dressed to a tee, with his shoes shined, his clothes pressed and a sense of pride in his step.

I know that somewhere up in heaven my grandfather is saluting him, smiling that he got at least one to march in his combat boots and laughing as he goes nose to nose with his 1st SGT.

This picture was taken at 7 in the morning while he was trying to get breakfast…hence the frown lol.

Very proud indeed.

It may never be easy but it will always be worth it.


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