Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Noel

NoelNoel 3 months old

 Noel%20bd%20blogNoel 2 years old

 Noel21 Noel 10 years old

DSC00787 Noel 15 years old (worst Birthday ever)

15 years ago on September 12th I gave birth to the oldest girl of the tribe. There is definitely a story behind why I prayed so hard and was so specific during my pregnancy regarding the sex of my unborn child….but I am going to save that story until Noah’s birthday next month.

The specifics? I asked for a dark haired, dark eyed girl with sunshine in her soul.  People laugh when I tell them that…but I prayed the same thing every waking moment and I am sure sometimes in my sleep. I had thought so much about what she was going to look like, sound like, smell like…I almost felt as if I already knew her when she came.

Noel is exactly what I prayed for…and then some. Funny, witty (she gets that from me), her happiness is contagious, she is driven and has the ability to make friends in seconds and light up a room on entry. She is a joy in every sense. A true animal lover….her compassion and love reminds me of my youth, bringing home every stray I found (my mother was much more tolerant than I am). She wears her heart on her sleeve…dances with a grace I can only dream of (Aunt Erin has officially cried at EVERY dance recital)…and I know that the world is hers for the taking.

This year Noel had big plans for the big “one five”. Party, cake, the works. Unfortunately the world of Influenza put a stop to any plans…you know your child is sick when she says I called everyone and told them to stay home :(

So we did the best we could…ice cream for a sore throat…gifts on the couch…and we did not sing because her head hurt to bad.

My dear daughter, you beam bright joy on everyone you meet, I treasure your uniqueness,  I feel blessed to be your mom and I wish you a better birthday next year!

It may never be easy but it will always be worth it.


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