Thursday, September 24, 2009

I’m not touching you…


Do you remember the commercial where the kids are riding in the car…sitting in the back set…one had their finger a millimeter from the others face saying “I’m not touching you!” over and over and over…

That is me today…I am totally and completely on everyone’s nerves, even my own.

A couple of days ago I made the comment “I wish I had a day to sit and leave a personal message for everyone on my facebook and in my email.”

Well I did not know at the time that life as we know it would stop…my town would flood…my job would close for a whole week…and I would have nothing but time on my hands….time and a really comfy pair of jammies.

So here I sit…it is Thursday…the rains came on Sunday…that would be the last day that I put on real clothes…Hondo has been busy with business meetings and the kids have all been off doing their own thing with friends. The house has been remarkably quiet…even the dogs had to be boarded for a couple of days…what is a girl to do.

I have watched everything on the TIVO, On Demand and all the new videos that I had bought but not seen. I have organized all my files, folders and pictures on my computer. My scrapbook room is neat and clean and all the laundry is done…all done of course in my jammies. I have emailed everyone in my contact list…sent a message to everyone online…and today I started seeing how quick I could respond to posts that were made…trying to get it up within a minute of them leaving it on my page…I have found more friends to add to my list than I thought possible…again all done in my jammies.

Tonight Hondo asked me a question…I guess the glazed over look was more than he could take…”Baby, it isn’t even summer yet and you are know you have to go back to work next week…you can not check out this early in the game”. Pffft I have a whole week off and I am in my jammies, WHAT does he expect?

I have begun to get sore elbows from resting them on the desk when I type, I search for the shift key in my sleep,I have googled every movie star/TV star I could think of and I have started telling knock knock jokes out loud to the dogs…and I am pleased to report that I now know all the words to Boom Boom Pow.

To those of you that I emailed, with every random thought I had today, I apologize…its a sickness…I am sure that there is a support group out there I could join…but that would require getting dressed and to be honest…I still have 3 more days before I have to be back to work and I just don’t think I have it in me.

Signing off… Will. I. Am. drop the beat now..Ya’ll getting hit with the boom boom.

It may never be easy but it will always be worth it.


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