Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"Remember this—there's the Cowboys, and then there's the rest."


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Growing up as a child my father had this glass helmet with the Dallas Cowboys insignia on the side. When you pulled out the mouth piece peanuts fell into your hand. We were without a doubt  a “True Blue”  family. I knew who Tom Landry was before I could name a president. After all they were America’s Team.

Roger Staubach, Mike Ditka, Ed”to tall” Jones, Drew Pearson, Randy White, Tony Dorsett, Hershel Walker, Michael Irvin,  Troy Aikman and Emmet Smith…all men that I thought we were somehow related to….maybe long lost uncles I did not know about…because my Dad sure did talk as if we knew them.

My best friend, Kaiya, was a Miami Dolphins freak.  I truly thought Dan Marino would have to one day take out a restraining order on her. For some reason I remember a poster in the dorm room…but many things are sketchy about that time in college (again, sorry mom :).

Fast forward 20 plus years and here I am…married to a member of the “True Blue” fan club.  Yes there really is such a thing.  He has been a Dallas Cowboys fan as long as he can remember. We have a HUGE star on the back of our car, we plan Sunday evening meals based on if we need to eat around the TV, the only time I got him to watch Dancing With The Stars was when Emmet was on it, we actually got a Dallas Jersey as a wedding gift and if they lose you know to clear a path. Not something to brag about, but no matter what age you are…if you are wearing a Washington Redskins jersey he is going to talk smack to you…we actually witnessed it as he gave a 3 year old crap for his shirt.

What I have learned is that being married to a man that is that passionate about something like a football team is a GREAT thing…it means he brings passion to everything in his life.

I have been having the best time over the last 2 weeks watching Kaiya’s posts on Facebook. She has referred to staying up late watching the Dolphins, how they won just for her on her birthday and there is the occasional post about her psuedo-husband Dan Marino…I love that not a dang thing has changed over the years.

A couple of years ago when deciding what color to paint the guest room it came to me…I can pay homage to my father, my husband and all those who still play arm chair quarterback to America’s team…plus it gave me an excuse to buy a Flathead of my man Emmet Smith. It was the best feeling in the world when Hondo got to walk in and see the completed project…and to see him show it off to his friends.

So they have not started off the season with a bang…a true fan doesn’t care…have you seen their freaking stadium? I think if I play my cards right, I will, before the year is out!

It may never be easy but it will always be worth it.


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