Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy birthday to you…happy birthday to you…happy birthday dear Noah…happy birthday to you!

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Noah turned the big 16 this year…how is it possible that I now have 2 children that are old enough to drive?  How is it possible that I have yet another child that is so close to leaving the nest and going to college?
I can not blog about Noah’s birthday without telling the story of his birth.
Nick was 5 years old when Noah was born…for 3 of those 5 years I tried desperately to have a child with no luck. I had all but given up when I found out I was pregnant. Everyone in the family went a little insane…baby toys…strollers…onesies…I think we had bought out every baby store in town, and that was before I was 4 weeks pregnant.
Fast forward to the first ultra-sound. “GIRL, GIRL, GIRL” “THINK PINK” you name it my family was chanting it as we headed to the doctor….so it was with great enthusiasm that the news that we were having a girl was met.
I proceeded to create nothing less than a nursery fit for a queen…a little pink tribe queen. Pink ruffles, pink lace, so many dresses that we had to buy a wardrobe because the closets (yes 2 closets, not one) were full…a canopied cradle…I mean we went INSANE!
So 9 long months and it’s show time…everyone is in the delivery room and as “she” enters the world, my mother is jumping up and down screaming, the nurses are crying, I am crying…the baby is crying…everyone is celebrating with the joy I can only imagine would be equivalent to what you would see on the streets of the Vatican when the Pope is being driven down the street in that little clear car. I remember looking over and my father had the calmest look, he was not jumping for joy…he was not crying…as I think back on that day, I believe he was counting…1,2,3,…11?
My father tapped my mother (repeatedly) on the shoulder, trying to get her attention. When he finally did, he pointed to their new granddaughter and I quote said “Nicky, your granddaughter has a penis”…’of course she does” my mother said, “and isn’t she beautiful”…”no” my father says, “not she, HE!”…at which point you could hear a pin drop…
The physician who read the ultrasound had read it wrong, we did not have a queen, we had a “king”.

So no matter that he had nothing to wear home from the hospital that did not have ruffles and no matter that we had to quickly change his name from Noel to Noah…he was perfect, absolutely perfect.
So happy 16th my queen (giggle)…
I have found over the years that when we think we have you figured out, you surprise us.  Never one to be lumped into the group, you make your own way. If I had to think of a “catch phrase” to describe you….it would be Heart warming …I am sure not what a 16 year old boy would want to be called…but that is exactly what you do to those around you…worm your way into their heart and warm them to their soul.
Happy Birthday my dear man child…I love you (even if you are a boy).
It may never be easy but it will always be worth it.

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