Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Family Picture Day

A couple of weeks ago I told Hondo and the tribe that we would be having our family portraits made. Second only to having to take them all shoe shopping...you can imagine the groaning and moaning that followed. The theme this year was pink polos and khaki (more groans and moans) and the dogs were going to be in the pictures with us (oh lord the world has come to an end). Come on people I only ask that we do this once a year!

Sunday we loaded up the tribe and 3 dogs ...everyone was clean, pressed and presentable. Maxwell was dressed in his pink playboy bunny shirt, all the girls had on matching necklaces, Dallas had on her new pink collar, Hondo and Nick both kept the scruffy look and did not shave...I love it when they are manly...we were ready to roll.

We even stopped in the front yard to practice before we left.

Not sure what it was lack of caffeine, menopause or just pure ignorance on my part...but what in the world ever possessed me to think this was a great idea? Seriously I am the Mom of 6 kids...I am a Registered Nurse for goodness sakes...I make life and death decisions under pressure! At what point in my life did I completely lose all sense of reality?

The man who took our picture was afraid of dogs...not a great start with 2 huge Shepherds...Maxwell instantly hated the photographer and every time he came near us he growled...heck he growled the whole time...Dallas and Deacon picked that precise moment to act out something they had seen on wild kingdom...someone pulled the wire that connected the flash to the camera, took old boy 15 minutes to figure that one out he was so flustered. He took all the pictures while standing on a stool(wuss).
Hondo asked Ben if he farted, guess old boy's name was Ben, so he was instantly insulted and it took another 15 minutes to explain that while we understood no one had ever asked him that while being photographed...we truly were not asking him if in fact he farted. The air was not on in the room so my hair fell in 5 minutes flat (literally). The back drop was not big enough to fit us all so we sat on top of each other...and Cassie picked that precise moment to out Ben for having a girl friend. We finally got a few pictures taken...I am praying that just one will be acceptable...I told him that if my face looks fat he better air brush it before I see it. Hondo whispered in my ear about half way through "I am a patient man, but ever ask me to do this again and you won't like the _____ing answer". Is it wrong that I giggled?

The final straw was as we all managed to stand up, stretch out, wipe the dog hair off our face...we looked over and Dallas and Deacon were laying picture perfect on the back drop...Hondo and I have decided that those will probably be the only pictures worth buying.

It may never be easy but it will always be worth it.


  1. You & Nick look like you're being led to slaughter. SMILE!

  2. out of all your stories i love this one the best. (well next to cassisms.) iloveyou(:

  3. The visuals I get while reading these.....
    AND no you did not call that poor man a wuss!!! LMAO! Only a fool WOULDN'T be afraid of 6 kids--then you add "Queen Of All The Land," Hondo & the mascots....CRACK ME UP!!! I'm glad you're back to writing. I was lost last week.

  4. I love photo, but the date on your family picture ???
    Since when did we have a bright, sunny, short sleeve day in January ... 2007. LOL, LOL !!!!
    You just crack me up with your wit :o)