Sunday, July 5, 2009

No soup for you!

That might be my favorite all time TV quote! Yes I know that I gave you all Blog anxiety...where has she been? When will you get your Blog fill? Are you alive? Houston do we REALLY have a problem? ETC ETC ETC. When I talked to a buddy the other day to explain why I had not been on.... her response? No soup for you! Well I kinda like soup...and I love you all so here it is in a nut shell......

In true Shannon fashion I had my yearly end of school melt down! I hate May...those who know me and love me know this to be true...the end of the school year does something to me...makes me insane (okay more insane than normal). Between band concerts, dance recitals, awards ceremonies and all the other crapolla that we as parents insist on craming into the last month of school...well I CAN NOT TAKE THE PRESSURE! Add to that I now work for the school and had even more to cram in....oh I can not breathe thinking about it!

At least this year I did not compound it with having a child graduate from high school (something that almost landed me in the looney bin a couple of years ago).

Sooooo I am back...with my poor punctuation, lack of spelling skills and in all my glory to blog out the rest of the year...I promise to get you caught up and take you right through to next May (oh just the thought already gives me hives).

It may take me a couple of days to bring us to the present going ons with the stay tuned.

It may never be easy but it will always be worth it.

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