Saturday, July 11, 2009

Day four....

Nora showing her flexibility.

Swinging high.

Corn on the cob YUM

Beating Noah at Wii tennis

Grape slushy at the pool.

Swimming by herself in the deep end.

Swimming with Auntie Shan and Ben in the deep end.

Baywatch look out there is a new girl in town.

Modeling her new jammies and house shoes (and doll).

Eating desert first...okay so I would have never done this with my own kids.

Well we have made it through day 4....not sure how long "Baby Nora" will make it...she has been a little home sick today. The only tears we had were after we talked to Erin on Skype. The tears were mixed with laughter and to be honest in this family sometimes I don't know if I should cry or laugh either. Nora has decided that she will be going home tomorrow LOL and she very matter of factly told me that while she is a mermaid now she can swim in her own bath tub, she no longer needs our pool. Just not sure how you can argue with that one?

It is 1120 PM and the girls are all in the living room dancing, I thought I had decided that allowing her to stay up till midnight was a horrible idea?!?!?!?!? I think we all just figure that if she is leaving tomorrow we need to squeeze in every last minute.

I have decided that Nora and Cassie are long lost twins...over the last few days we have been told she speaks Spanish, her Mawmaw can't pump her legs while swinging, Roxie pees on the floor, Noah is small, I am slow, Uncky Tunk (Hondo) is a great dancer and can not swim as well as she can, her Mom is a whimp because she tells Nora she is heavy, she can not wear short skirts because her body might show, Ben might need a talking to for tickleing her but we should only hurt him a little, Noel does not know anything, movies are not good if you don't get M&M's and that she has never in her whole life had a pink watch (okay so I fixed this little problem, anything to shop).

I will miss her bunches if she decides its time to head home tomorrow....maybe I will go with her...

And FYI I know that there are a few pictures with this entry but she really really likes to see her pictures on the blog...are you sure she is not mine Erin?

It may never be easy but it will always be worth it.

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