Thursday, July 9, 2009

Somebody is looking for you!

Me and Wendy with Raymond Hicks high school graduation. 1985

Me far right and Wendy in white!

Vickie and Kaiya right before we left for spring break. No way on earth will I blog about that kids read this blog.

Yup that is me!

Me and Kaiya in our first apartment getting ready to go out. Yes we did that quite a bit. The rent was $180 dollars split 3 ways and we NEVER had rent money. What the heck were we thinking with that hair? I tried to explain to the tribe that this was the 80's but it even sounded lame to me.

On the left is Jesse (Nick's dad) Kaiya and Troy. Can pretty much guarantee we took this in the "Brary".

Somebody is looking for you!
I found you!

Those were 2 subject lines in emails I received on Saturday the 4Th of July. There is not a fireworks display that will compare to what I felt when I saw those words.

Growing up as a military brat you learn to make friends quick...and you didn't always keep in touch with them when you moved from base to base. My one constant was my other half Kaiya. From smoking my first cigarette in Laurie Fazekas's bathroom...setting the golf course on fire cooking frozen deer steaks...locking Dawn Zeck in the locker after daring her to see if she could fit (it was Kaiya's idea to go to class and leave her in there I swear Mrs. Jennings) her drying my tears when Hillary Rafiannie married (pretend of course) Paul Lautenshlager (man I am sure I butchered those spellings) at the Valentines Dance in the 7th grade...I got just as many punishments from her parents as I did my own and vice versa. Kaiya do you remember the summer we worked in the lumber yard for a Hardware store and we quit so that we could go to a party? Priorities baby!

In the summer going into the 9Th grade my father retired. I quickly joined forces with Wendy and we were unstoppable, I do not remember exactly how we met but I am 99% sure it was in the band room. Wendy was full of life...she threw me my first surprise party when I turned 16 (hey dad we wrecked your truck that night lol)...we were the masters of sneaking out of the house, and we showed everybody we spent the night with how to do it...the only parent who caught on was Tracy Miller's , her mother locked the window we climbed out and went back to bed making us ring the front doorbell to get back in the 530 AM....we dated best friends...we went on our senior trip together, I still remember her throwing my suit cases in the driveway because I had packed 2 for my shoes alone (you will be happy to know that I still shoes as much today)...and my all time favorite story of when her parents were out of town and they left us with a house sitter (who stayed gone the whole time or locked in the bedroom with her boyfriend), we were driving through town at 3am and I was telling Wendy to slow precisely that moment my father passed us on the road and I started screaming GO GO GO!...we raced home put on our pajamas over our clothes and pretended to be asleep when my Dad knocked on the door. Needless to say he did not fall for it. Wendy's parents had called him at 2am and asked him to come check on us when we did not answer the phone. He loaded our fannies up and took us to my house. Why we ever got to spend the night together again is beyond me...but we did.

You can imagine my surprise when I found out that Kaiya's dad had moved to the same town and we would be going to the same high school. Along the way we picked up Vickie...and my life friends were complete.

Kaiya's dad was transferred not long into our high school journey...So I became one of 3. Every high school memory is tied in some way to Vickie, Kaiya and Wendy.

Upon graduating high school I started college and on the very first day of registration I hear a scream and Kaiya is running across campus to me...yup she is going to the same college as me!!!!

Spring breaks, first apartments, road trips, marriages, all the jobs we worked together...we were a force to be reckoned with (in our own minds of course).

The four of us took such different paths...Vickie was killed by a drunk driver a few years back...Kaiya married a Navel pilot and is traveling the world much as we did as kids...and Wendy found her true love and settled down to start a I was finding myself (that is how I explain it to me kids ).

We all lost touch for various reasons as happens in adult life. On July 4Th as our country was celebrating its Independence Day I was celebrating an email that Kaiya had tracked me down via Facebook through my mother and sister. The last time I saw Kaiya was 1988 or 1989 and the last time I saw Wendy was 1995. Sheesh chickadees are we that freaking old?

I talked to Kaiya over 3 hours the first phone call. It was a little surreal at first. Both of us excited but trying to be on best behavior. That was until the first "F" bomb was dropped and we fell into a fit of giggles and it was like being a 12 year old all over again.

Thanks to face book I have Kaiya back in my life, although she was never out of my heart. On Tuesday I found Wendy...we have emailed a little and I can not wait to talk to her on the phone...

They both are absolutely gorgeous, but they were then too, so no surprise there and I find myself saying "SORRY MOM" a lot as we relive our glory days, I guess I am afraid she can still ground us.

As Kaiya said the other night "Life has been good to me and I just want to know it has been good to everyone else"...Amen Sister.

It may never be easy but it will always be worth it.

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