Thursday, July 9, 2009

Parker Peanut

While on vacation I received a phone call from my mother. My nephew Parker was being admitted to the Children's Hospital in Atlanta. This may have been the single most helpless moment in my life. I was 10-12 hours away, did not always have great cell reception...and I was not sure if the next phone call would be to tell me that they had amputated his arm. My heart was in my throat every time my phone rang.

Parker had broken his arm the last week of school...there were several misdiagnosis...poor excuses for physicians (DO NOT LET ME EVER SEE YOU IN A DARK ALLY)...and a total lack of quality health care that should always be a given in this country! I have not given up on the idea of driving to my mothers, picking her up and going to pay a visit to each and everyone of them....we Foley women are a scary bunch when you mess with our cubs.

Parker's bone had bleed into a space in the tissue. Consequently this caused an infection in the bone and by the time they found a physician who did not have his head up his nephew had Osteomyelitis.

A week in the hospital and two surgeries and he was released to come home. Home health nurses, IV antibiotics, an open wound with time release antibiotics in it...not the way any child pictures their summer vacation. Certainly not what Erin had expected either.

Being of my gene pool he has handled it with remarkable courage...and humor (he gets that from me). When talking to my Dad this week he said "You know what? Nora gets to go on vacation to Aunties and I have to have surgery". Now what the heck do you say to that?

Today was yet another surgery in what may be many over the next few months. Trying to see the silver lining...our boy is alive, he has a story to tell his grand kids...and he has the privilege of having a stay at home Mommy.

Erin sent the picture above to my cell phone today, so that "Baby Nora" could see that he was doing fine.

When I opened it on the computer tonight we all got a little chuckle...the look on his face says it all...being the sick twisted nurse that I am the second thing (the first was, OMG my baby) that came to mind was I wonder if there were any left overs? I will take one of what he is having.

It may never be easy but it will always be worth it.

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