Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bacon Explosion

I bought Hondo a smoker for his birthday. We have smoked chickens, fajitas, brisket and pork chops. Looking for a recipe to test our skills we turned to an online search. While piddling around the house I could hear Hondo talking to himself...ribs, yea maybe....hate to do pork again...guess we could do a beer can chicken....then I hear "oh yea baby" this house I know what is coming next...and I know that it's easier to get a hard hat and jump in then it is to argue. So I turned the corner into the office knowing that we were about to embark on another tribe adventure.

You can imagine my surprise when I am told we are going to make a "Bacon Explosion" for dinner. I read the recipe and instantly my arteries harden. I asked him "are you sure?" His response "It's not like we eat this bad can it be?" I will tell you how bad...upon further investigation I discover that one 1/2 slice contains 1000 calories...yes 1000 freakin calories!!! Now I LOVE LOVE LOVE bacon. My kids will tell you that they get embarrassed at all you can eat breakfast bars by the amount of bacon I can eat...but even this seemed over the top for this bacon lover.

So off to the store to get the supplies...4 pounds of bacon, 4 pounds of Italian sausage, 2 bottles of BBQ sauce and dry rub. As with every recipe we had to double it to feed this crew on a Sunday (no telling who will drop by).

I figured if I am going to blow my diet... I am going to blow my diet!!!!! I added some homemade Mac and Cheese, corn on the cob with real butter and a couple of loaves of french bread...some chocolate cake to top it off and I have officially gained 10 pounds.

The link to make the Bacon Explosion

I made it exactly like the site said and I am proud to admit that it looked just like the pictures. It was amazing, I will have to give Hondo that, but I am dieing if I am could feel your body shut down bite by bite. Nick actually said that his chest hurt after he ate it. Not to mention that you have to fry bacon to place in the middle of the roll...luckily I bought an extra pound because I ate two pieces for every piece I put inside.

My advice? Try it...just make sure you call and get a prescription for some Lipitor. Did not have high cholesterol before? You do now.

It may never be easy but it will always be worth it.

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