Monday, September 21, 2009

YUP, I am in trouble!

What the daughter does, the mother did.  ~Jewish Proverb

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Um is this the concession counter at the movie theatre?


Last night I jumped on the kids computer to find a picture of Dallas and Deacon that I asked Noel to take.

Being a “good” mother…I took a second to look at the pictures the kids had downloaded over the last couple of months.

I was quickly taken back to my childhood…all the pictures taken with Kaiya, Laurie, Wendy and Vickie..just to name a few. I quickly realized “I am in so much trouble”! Who is this teenager with the smile and zest for life?

I have always laughed that Noel was the most like me in so many ways. Quick to anger, quick to love, quick to forgive and ready to take on all the world has to offer. Any mother/daughter will tell you that they knock heads the most with the one who is most like them. Noel and I are no different. We have such a unique relationship. We are both the oldest girls..which leaves us with an understanding of each other that is unlike any of the other kids.

What I did not consciously realize until I saw the pictures is that Noel has that “live life to the fullest, take no prisoners, each day is a gift” mentality that can lead you down the road to a beautiful and wonderful life…or take you down the road paved to hell with good intentions.

Luckily Noel has a solid friend base, a strong head on her shoulders…and a Mom who is not afraid to act a fool in public when needed.  Maybe a little fear is a good thing?

The reality is this is an amazing young woman…I can not even begin to imagine what path she will choose in life because there is not ONE thing she can not do if she sets her mind to it. In 15 years I can not think back to one time where she has had to be punished…pretty amazing in a house this size. She is a remarkable student. She has grown into a strong independent young woman who knows her mind and makes good decisions. Lord help us all!

It would help if she was a little ugly!!!

It may never be easy (especially with 3 girls) but it will always be worth it.


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