Saturday, January 9, 2010

All I want for Christmas

As I have said in previous posts I do not drink a whole lot.  I think that was why everyone giggled when I said I wanted a wine cooler for Christmas.  That and the fact that I am allergic to wine…not all wines, I have found some red ones that I can drink…but white wines are totally off limits. Of course I made sure back in June that they all knew this was what I wanted….just in case they wanted to shop early.
Hondo had me convinced that this was not what I was getting this year.  Sometime around Thanksgiving while in Home Depot he explained that he had been researching coolers (he does this for all major purchases, firmly believing that you get what you pay for). He told me all about the complaints that people had, how they run very loud, they do not keep the wine a steady temperature, and how they really were not all they were cracked up to be.
Several times during the month of December while watching TV he commented on the Oreck Vacuum Cleaner and how cool it would be to have one.  I firmly believed that Christmas morning I would be unwrapping a vacuum cleaner…how wrong was I?!?!?!
Not only did I get a wine cooler…I got the Corvette of wine coolers.  Knowing that this was what he bought me I also got a subscription to a wine of the month club from my in-laws. Every 2 months, 2 bottles of wine will be delivered. 
Yipppeeee for me!
It may never be easy but it will always be worth it.



  1. I am LOVING how the treadmill is in the corner- folded up! I guess with chilled wine you won't be needing it anyway... HA HA

  2. There is a sign over the treadmill too that reads "There is a skinny girl inside of that is trying to get out, I can usually shut her up with cookies." Classic!