Saturday, January 9, 2010

Merry Christmas

Somehow we made it…although I did not finish my shopping till the Friday before…although the Christmas spirit did not hit the tribe until the 21st of December we MADE IT!
The women in my family decided that we spend so much time in the kitchen during Thanksgiving that we would try something different this year.  Each family would bring their favorite deserts and appetizers and we would just snack and graze all day.  To wash it all down we made 2 huge pitchers of Sangria…a little bit of Christmas cheer!
We continued with the tradition of one for the heart (one that means a lot to you), one for the head (You have to think when you use it) and one for the hand (a basketball goal where you play with your hands).
By all accounts it was the perfect day. Everyone was tickled with their presents, we played lots and lots of cards, there was plenty of family time, my other son Rod came to share the day…it was exactly as we all hoped it would be. Restful and relaxing with lots of laughter.
DSC01656 DSC01654 DSC01655
DSC01665Who gets out of bed with hair that good?
DSC01677 Funny how some things never change!

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